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  MSNBC    Andrea Mitchell Reports    Interviews with political  
   figures with host Andrea Mitchell.  

    February 27, 2014
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confrontation. but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here, the sovereignty of the ukraine. >> phoenix rising, arizona governor jan brewer vetoes the controversial anti-gay law. democrats are taking note. >> the governor of arizona has vetoed the discriminatory -- legislation that was passed. [ applause ] >> recognizing that inclusive leadership is really what the 21st century is all about. >> and belated recognition for battlefield heroes, two dozen service members from three separate wars about to be awarded the medal of honor after congress ordered the pentagon to redress decades of discrimination against minority soldiers. joining me right here, santiago
aravia, one of the distinguished members of this group. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we have breaking news. justice department correspondent pete williams joins me now from the newsroom and this involves eric holder. >> eric holder is in the hospital in washington this morning. he was taken there this morning after what the justice department says was his feeling shortness of breath and faintness during a morning meeting. he was taken by ambulance we're told to the washington hospital center, the medstar hospital, where he's now acourtiaccordinge justice department, alert and talking to doctors and good conditions. i talked with someone in the meeting where this happened this morning. it was his regular 9:30 staff
meeting on the fifth floor of the justice department in a big conference room off his private office. according to this official, during the meeting the attorney general said he wasn't feeling very well and excused himself and said, you all keep talking, he stepped out of the room. went to his adjoining office and made the decision that he should go to the hospital. and but they say it was not a sudden thing, that he didn't suddenly do anything. it was just his -- he's sitting there deciding he wasn't feeling right. now, of course, as you know, he's 63 years old, good condition, an avid basketball player and perhaps more to the point here he's married to a doctor. so he knows how to be extra cautious about these sorts of thing. the justice department did put a statement out. this happened at 9:30 this morning when he was not feeling well. they put out a statement roughly two hours later, the one i just
summarized for you and official says he actually approved the statement. he looked at it himself. he's doing well and they are waiting to see what it was that happened. >> thank you so much for that. of course, all good wishes to eric holder. thanks, pete. secretary kerry has called his russian counterpart lavrov, russia scrambled jets along the border and gunman seized buildings in crimea, the site of the russian naval base. for the latest i'm joined by chief foreign correspondent richard engel. this is alarming to say the least. we don't know what russia's intentions are, is this diplomacy or something real? >> reporter: i'm still shocked secretary kerry used the rocky reference in his interview with you. once i've gotten past that there have been incredible developments here over the past few -- last 24 hours or so.
right now they seem to be calming down slightly, better than they were this morning. what happened overnight and early today, several gunmen, maybe 30 to 50 heavily armed, some with anti-tank weapons and sniper rifles took over the parliament in crimea. they hoisted the flag and have been barricading themselves in there all day. the speaker of the crimean parliament wants to hold a referendum that would decide crimea's fate. many of ethnic russians and want to join up with russia. there is a very large russian military base in crimea where russia has the authority to station its ships there and vehicles there, including armored vehicles and move around the crimea. there was considerable degree of panic today as people were seeing russian troops on the ground, russian apcs, are these
new or did the russians invade, or are they just reinforcing or taking a stand in a territory where they have say legitimate right to be? in general, what we're seeing is two rival parliaments emerge, one that is pro europe and wants to have closer ties with europe. and then this second breakaway par limits, both are breakaway in crimea making these strong rumbles towards russia while russia is holding military exercises at the border. >> richard, right now secretary kerry -- >> reporter: rocky iv. >> he's going to meet with the german foreign minister and have a news conference. this at root was a fight over economic influence between russia and the west. the imf and germans leading the way economically in the eu are talking to the u.s. about billions of dollars in loan
guarantees from the u.s., secretary kerry has said for the last 24 hours. the west is putting up its money and the argument is you don't want a basket case on your doorstep. you have a lot of debt obligations here in ukraine and it's not in your interest to let ukraine collapse. >> reporter: this could go badly in a variety of ways. and it's not really in anyone's interest, these new flej ling government, to have a war with russia, which it will certainly lose. it's not in russia's interest to have a failed state on its borders and have to militarily assert itself earn take control over crimea. russia is clearly prepared to do if necessary, and then there's the issue of the economy here. russia was going to bail out the economy. now the u.s. and. eu are talking about putting up more money but i think they would continue to like to have russian help. that's why i said initially,
this morning things look like we could be heading toward a war. there were reports that russian troops had moved out of the basis and taking control of crimea. now we're back in a diplomatic phase where we're talking about money again, how to get fought of this -- russia continues defend its interest and it has this black sea port, the host of the black sea fleet in crimea. the government here doesn't want to pick a fight and europe frankly, doesn't want to be saddled with having to bail out this country financially and would like the russians to continue to contribute. >> richard engel, thank you very very much. here at home new, new e-mails reveal weeks before the gw bridge traffic jam, the two principle figures were joking about creating traffic problems for political enemies including at the home of a local rabbi who
was a police chaplain for port authority. the e-mails depend bridget kelly and port authority appointee david wildstein are pretty indicative of a toxic political culture. joining me now, chris cillizza. the more you read into this, there's no implication of any knowledge that chris christie had. it is not about the governor. it's about people revery close to him, bridget kelly principlely? >> the hard thing here and this has been the case since we heard about bridget kelly and david wildstein and the ft. lee traffic closures, the best case scenario, he not only hired people that would engage in this political payback and joke about it before engaging in it but he also didn't know senior members of his staff were engaging in it. that's the best narrative for chris christie that preserves
chris christie as a 2016 candidate. anything else -- this isn't it -- anything else that comes out that suggests his knowledge likely dooms him as a 2016 candidate. it's a bad -- his choices are between a bad storyline and worse story line. >> to give you a taste from the e-mails, one from bridget kelly about this rabbi who apparently he and wildstein were feuding on port authority. kelly said, we cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we? wildstein responds, flights to tel aviv all mysteriously delayed. it's certainly not a pretty picture and this preceded the traffic backup. >> it's important to remember this because it seems in some way the relationship wen wildstein and christie is at the heart of this. he said he didn't know wildstein and he was the captain of the
football team and wildstein wasn't. but chris christie appointed david wildstein to what frankly is a quite plum assignment working for the port authority at the senior plefl. level. he had to have enough trust and relationship with this person to give him what is a job that lots of people in christie's orbit would be clammering for. the decline of that relationship, obviously wildstein making allegations about what is out there regarding christie's knowledge, i negligence that ultimately is going to be sort of the center of where this whole thing goes. >> and this as a new nbc news -- "new york times"/cbs news poll today, bad news around but let's look at the president's poll numbers. disapproval, 51, approval, 41. the president's numbers not good as far as the gop, 61% disapproving of the job and
republicans doing. there isn't any kind of solace for politicians in particular for members of congress. >> there's no winners here. i would say the only person who looks at this poll and the polling nbc has done and "washington post" has done, the only person who i think takes some solace or enjoyment from it, if you are run for apprenticeship, someone who never held elected office, these guys got it all wrong and i can do it differently, but look, the only thing worse than president obama's numbers are republicans numbers. i'm interested to see how that plays out in the midterm elections, republicans making a very clear point they are going to make the selection, a referendum of barack obama and his health care plan. democrats saying this is going to be more of a choice, we're right back where we were in 2012. let's see who wins out, if it's a referendum on just president obama it could be a tough
election for democrats. >> as chuck was pointing out on "morning joe", in a lot of endangered senate seats, their challengers are elected republican members of congress. do you prefer the house member from the republican party also a member of establishment or democratic establishment senator? >> arkansas and louisiana, you have two sitting members of congress run s against sitting democrat incumbent senators. these are not people who are sort of the wealthy businessman or woman running as an outsider. my guess is you'll see the democrat incumbent try to paint those folks as part of the problem with washington. we'll see if it works. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, good to be here. >> congrats on noon. >> and of course, 9:00 on the west coast. and i'm joined now by patty murray, speaking of west coast editors, chair of the senate budget committee and veterans benefits. thank you very much for being with us at our new noon hour.
let's talk first about arizona because we know what happened last night. the vetoing of the anti-gay bill by the arizona governor. i'm not sure why she waited as long as she did because it has become an issue for the republican party having dragged it out so many days sean clearly she was responding to heavy pressure economic interest, national economic interest, major corporations and super bowl and major league baseball. states cannot take these kinds of actions and expect to do it with impunity. >> i think that's right and it shows when you discriminate against anyone there is an economic cost to that. in this case businesses are stepping up to the recognition of that and i think that's very important. >> i want to ask about veterans benefits. you have taken some positions that first of all put you in the line of fire from veterans
groups because of the cutbacks in the budget deal you negotiated with the house budget chairman. >> you're talking about the military pension issue and i think it's important to remember, in a budget agreement, there are things you like and things you don't like and things you fight for and fight against, at the end of the day you have to have a compromise, that's what the budget was and the senate has taken action since then to change that. i think that was the right thing to do. >> what about the other women's benefits though for veterans who are women because that is another point of controversy. you've been an advocate for having full rights for women in the military to all sorts of help. and also ivf. >> this is a different issue i've been championing for a long time. we have members in the service who have gone overseas and have had horrendous injuries that have damaged their reproductive capabilities and their pelvic
areas and they come home, want to start a family and there's a specific ban in place today at the va that says they will not cover any fertility services. these men and women come home recovering from these injuries and want to start a family and they can't get that paid for as part of the cost of the war. we have a veterans bill on the floor today that i have a part in that will say that the va can no longer ban covering those services. i want to get this passed and republicans are blocking it. i'm very frustrated. >> help me with what the reasoning is? does this go back to religious issues on the part of some republicans? >> i think that's the million dollar question. why would senator bur but out an at tern tif alternative that leaves the ban in place. they are not answering that question but to me it raises the profile of what is the motivation. do they not believe fertility
services should be covered. how do they say that to a young manor wife who want to start a family and who as a cost of war lost their ability too become a parent? we shouldn't be paying for that? i find that reprehencible. >> so what is the whip count or what are you expecting as this issue comes to the floor today? >> we're hearing that the senate republicans will block us from moving forward. i really hope that's not the case because we have about 2300 men and women who have come home with these kind of injuries and many of them wanting to start a family. it's our responsibility to stand up to this and every day that goes along makes it harder for them to make having a family become part of their reality and dream. >> if they do decide to block, you would need 60 votes? >> that's correct, we would need 60 votes. >> please let us continue following this and let us know how it works out. >> thank you very much. >> organizers at this year's
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on may 21st, 1969, former sergeant santiago aravia came under heavy enemy fire in vietnam. he single handedly defeated the andmy using two m-16s and several hand grenades. next month he will finally be awarded for his courage with the
medal of honor. this comes after congress ordered the pentagon to review whether minorities had been systemically passed over for the award. the valor 24, i'm honored to be joined today by former sergeant joining us from san antonio. thank you for your service. congratulations on this award. >> thank you. >> what does it mean to you to receive it admittedly decades after you should have received it. what does it mean to you coming at this time? >> well, it means a lot. it satisfies my ego that what i did got get back in '69 or whenever they issued the distinguished medal cross instead of medal of honor, i was slightly disappointed and put it out of my mind for 45 years, 44 years until mr. obama called me
back in july of course was very glad to hear about it and here i am and i'll be glad to receive the medal of honor. it means quite a bit to me. >> well, certainly when 44 years ago did your commanding officer put you up for the medal and it was not awarded, or was there not even an attempt to honor you --? >> immediately after the fire fight that we had that particular day, my company commander was in a covert watching the whole action at the whole time. he sent me and friend of mine by the name of dale patrick ray, and we were up against a treeline and my friend got shot in the forehead and of course i had no choice but to assault the
enemy and i was glad i was able to comply with my training and all of that. and come out alive and immediately after company commander said he was putting me in for the medal of honor, which today that -- >> well, only 44 years later. did it -- you must have realized that there was a reason you did not receive it? did you immediately realize when it was not awarded that it was because you're hispanic? >> well, i found that out a few days ago that they were holding the latino heritage deal and that probably what they did was overlook a lot of hispanic men were put in for the medal of honor but were denied.
and mr. obama said he was correct and everything and i'm glad that he's doing that. >> tell me a little bit about that phone call. so you received a phone call from the president. you must have had some warning he was going to call. what was your feelings getting a call from the president of the united states? >> back in july -- back in july of this year past year, colonel from the g2 section from the army was looking for me and he timely got a hold of me and said one person would be calling me from the white house. and of course, i had no inkling it was the president but i sort of guessed that it would be him. and that afternoon he finally got a hold of me and some young lady said we have the president on the line and he wants to call you. and very briefly we talk and he
said that he was upgrading my distinguished service cross down to the medal of honor. and i said i think mr. president, thank you very much and that i would be looking forward to the day that i would get it. >> well, so do we all. we look forward to seeing you here in washington. sergeant erevia, it is 40 years but not too late fortunately. we're very honored you shared your story with us today. thank you again. >> thank you. >> and now if the fda has its way, you won't be able to kid yourself very much longer about the calorie count and serving size in treats and other desserts. proposed new labels more than 700,000 food products will give accurate serving and calorie count information. the changes are going to include details on added sugars and
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in a high profile case of jeffrey sinclair, his lawyers are seeking the dismissal of sexual assault charges saying it's become a political issue based on the pressure from the pentagon. this after the military prosecutor quit. with the trial set to begin next week, joining me now is general sinclair's lead defense attorney mr. chef. the prosecutor quit. we did reach out to the pentagon and prosecution and get statements and the pentagon has yet to get back to us for a statement and of course we will have the pentagon's side of the story whenever they do get back to us. tell me your best argument for why the charges should be dismissed? >> well the charges should be dismissed because it's pretty clear the decision-making in the case is being driven by politics
and people at the pentagon as opposed to where it should be with the convening authority at fort bragg. this is a case that has always been a remarkably thin case in terms of the evidence. there are thousands and thousands of text messages and personal journals by the person who's accusing general sinclair of sexual assault. it demonstrates the consensual nature of their relationship. on top of that, in early january she perjured herself during a pretrial hearing. in that circumstance, in every experience i've had both as prosecutor and defense lawyer and everyone i've spoking to, the charges that are based solely on the testimony of that person should be dismissed. it's fairly logical and common sense and it's appropriate. it's reasonable doubt. and this case should be based on fairness and justice, not on politics. the prosecutor would not proceed
on those charges because of those reasons and unfortunately the case goes forward. so -- >> the prosecutor has not said publicly why he resigned the case. he hasn't said it was because of any alleged problems with the witness's testimony. >> that's what he has told me and that is what is in our papers that we have filed recently. so i'm the one that had the conversations with him and where he admitted that. >> now, let's just pose that the general has not denied that there was a relationship and that under the military code of conduct, adultery is behavior unbecoming and there are a number of charges that can accrue. what you're arguing is that this was not sexual assault? >> right, general sinclair -- let me be clear. general sinclair has never shied away from taking responsibility for his inappropriate conduct.
from the very moment he was confronted with this investigation now almost two years ago, he acknowledged his wrong doing and acknowledged he had an adulterous affair and said he was prepared to take responsibility and be punished. nothing has changed with respect to that today. the only issue is this, he's not willing to take responsibility for what he has done. this was a fewerly consensual relationship. the allegations of sexual assault of nonconsensual conduct were made in an effort by the person who is accusing him to protect herself and her own career. the evidence just doesn't support it. there is no evidence that supports those charges. so general sinclair acknowledges his wrong doing, he will take responsibility for it and be punished but not punished for what he didn't do. >> i want to share the interview i did last summer with the general's wife who is defending him in this case, rebecca
sinclair. let me just play this. >> several text messages, hundreds of text messages and e-mails came to light showing that and it is painful for me to say that, but it was a consensual relationship. and my husband is also taken two separate polygraphs which showed that he is being truthful that he has never forced anyone to do anything -- >> you as the defense lawyer in this case actually agree with senator gillibrand's posture on who should perfect, you believe independent prosecutors not military prosecutor would give the accused a fairer shot here? >> exactly. it is -- i understand -- i'm not saying i prove of this. i understand why the general officers whose careers are at the -- in the control of congress in terms of whether they get promoted or don't.
i understand why general officers who are responsible for these decisions cannot do the right thing because if they do, their careers are at stake. we've seen that twice in the past year. it's easier to make no decision and let it pass on and go to trial. with an objective prosecutor, with someone whose career was not subject to those types of pressures and potential reprisals, decisions like this, like the one that we've requested be made and charges be dismissed would be made by people who would be viewing the case based on the evidence. that's all we want. any reasonable person looking at this evidence would dismiss these charges. any reasonable person seeing the evidence and then seeing the perjury by the person who has accused general sinclair of this conduct would understand and appreciate that these charges need to be dismissed. that's all we ask for, fairness
and justice. >> richard and of course we have reached out to the other side of this case and we'll be bringing that to you as soon as we get response. thank you. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, at the nato defense meeting, chuck hagel was worned russia to explain the military exercises near the border to be careful during a delicate time of great tension. hagel and allies are discussing the withdrawal from afghanistan given karzai's refusal to sign an agreement for forces to remain past 2014.
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for more on veterans benefits and oversight over the ved rans administration, i'm joined by senator coburn. you have your own issue, you think don't va is properly overseen and you're concerned how the benefits are
distributed? >> andrea, we have a lot of good people working in the va but the level of care is not what it should be. the wait times are terrible. the delayed diagnosis are extraordinarily impacting veterans in terms of advanced cancers that could have been cured that aren't. there's a lot of problems. we don't have the effective oversight that we need to have nor do we have the metrics to know how we're performing. we don't even have the same metrics that we have in every other hospital mandated by medicare. before we go to expand the eligibility for those that can accept va medicare, we ought to be keeping promises that we've made to veterans that are there today. i can assure you we're not coming anywhere close to keeping those promises. >> in addition to that, i interviewed patty murray a couple of minutes ago and she is concerned about hers legislation on the floor today being blocked
she says by republicans to expand benefits that returning vets and their spouses can get fertility services especially after they've been injured. >> i wouldn't have any problem with doing that. but that's not what this bill is about. it's expanding from 6 million to a potential of 22 million people on a va organization that can't handle the 6 million that it's doing now. and so i don't have any objection to making that a benefit for those that need it. what we need to do, before we do any expansion in the va is we have to hold them accountable to deliver the service that's been promised and those that have been injured and have a service connected disability. and so you know, we know we're not going to be allowed an amendment on this bill. we've been told that by the leader. the fact is, why shouldn't there be transparency on terms of outcomes on procedures and rehospitalization and infection rate, why shouldn't those be a
part of va's culture and it should be and it's not. and unfortunately the bill brought to the floor is not going to pass. and we're not going to do what we need to do, which is know the metrics of what we're doing today to make good decisions about what we do in the future? >> senator, what you've got are veterans who are caught in the middle of this -- >> no the veterans -- >> that's not true. >> okay. >> who is caught in the middle of this is the political dynamic of creating a vote that says you're against veterans when you know we're not offering the care and commitment to the people. we have 600,000 people waiting on disability determinations and over 280 some thousand in an appeal process. that's a million veterans returning that we haven't even processed their claims. so they have no access to the va hospital yet because their claims haven't been processed. one of the largest processing
centers in my home town. those people are working like crazy to try to get those done. where is the enhancement of taking care of that problem? in other words, what we're trying is symptoms and not the real problem. >> what i was -- what i want to ask you about is, we've been covering on this program the backlog and how it's -- increased expo tent shally since the sequester, that the va is getting farther and farther behind instead of catching up, which it had been doing. i take your point about not expanding benefits and dealing with the backlog. i'm saying that congress has not made it easier to deal with the backlog. let me play a recent interview we did with paul rycroft and ask you to respond on the other side. >> we need congress to pick up this cause again, 400,000 vets shouldn't have to wait for paperwork. i think it underscores how far we have to go before we can honestly say we support the
troops. when it comes to all of these political fights, veterans groups, an old saying in marine corps, no better friend, no worsenmy. it's going to be the case going forward. the american people will stand with us like in the shutdown and backlog. >> i know you're a physician and rare case in congress. you know what the effects are for as you were pointing out for these troops who have diseases that need to be treated. so what is the solution here? >> the solution is effective oversight. the senate veterans affairs committee held 16 hearings last year, only four were oversight. if you actually read the transcripts none of those were rigorous oversight. what you do is you do oversight to find out what the real problems are and not what the symptoms of the problems are. you address those real problems. contrast the house held over 60 hearings and had 34 oversight hearings that were vigorous. we have a piece of legislation on the floor that it will do the
following. it will make every veteran a priority, which means none of them will become a priority, which is exactly what we don't want to do. what you don't want to do is expand the universe until you can solve the problems with the universe you have today which includes those 400 -- actually almost 600,000 waiting on paperwork and 200 some odd thousand in adjudication. why is that the problem? where is the slowdown in that? what's the difficulty? where are the hearings on that? you know, and what is the legislation that directly addresses that problem? what we have is a political narrative so that they can say, oh, republicans and those that don't agree with this by him are against veterans and we're not. what i've been all along is let's do things that actually help veterans rather than play the game that say we're going to help veterans but don't. >> thank you very much, senator, we'll follow up with you. >> thank you. good-bye. >> we appreciate it.
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music stops ♪music resumes [announcer] purina pro plan's bioavailable formulas deliver optimal nutrient absorption. [whistle] purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. it's been 20 years since the passage of the brady bill. but the brady campaign to prevent gun violence is looking to build on that landmark legislation and close the loopholes and still for 40% for all gun purchases in the u.s. to occur without any background checks. joining me now is the one and only sara brady, chair of the brady campaign to prevent violence and dan gross, the campaign's president, sara, it's great to see you again. >> great to see you, andrea. >> for all of your work and
dedication, how frustrating is it that you cannot get movement on closing these loopholes? >> well, i think i've gotten hardened over the years. i don't know i'm as frustrated as the younger people are because it does take a long time and we certainly do not have a good congress right now. i'm just -- i'm kind of in there saying we've got to work hard and keep it up and finish the job. >> and it's good to see you and you've had your health problems and you've been a cancer survivor, beating lung cancer but these have been really difficult times but you have not given up this fight all these years. we remember back to what happened in 1981 when your husband was a victim of the assassination attempt on president reagan. dan gross, for the shocking events that we see in the great footage for the white house team
that was on duty that day, it still is so fresh in my memory from being a correspondent back then and standing outside the hospital for days and the fight that jim has made for his life. and we see all of the victims, newtown and no matter how many victims there are of gun violence, there's such political resistance to closing loopholes. >> the encouraging thing that the american public is behind us. it's about closing that extraordinary disconnect that exists between what the american public wants and what the elected leaders are doing about it. we take tremendous inspiration from what sara and our predecessors at the brady campaign accomplished. this brady law has been tremendously effective. we've prevented 2.1 million prohibited purchasers from purchasing guns. that's 48 domestic abusers every day that have been prohibited.
it's a question of building on that success and looking at what it takes to accomplish that success. it doesn't happen overnight and we can take inspiration from the fight that sara led around the original brady law there. >> i was covering congress at the time, i remember. >> we have to stay the course and it's about making the voice heard and holding elected leaders accountable. we have momentum on our side. and we just need to demonstrate that we're not going to give up this vitally important fight until we do finish the job and save the lives that we have the potential to save. >> we're not talking about assault weapons, the ban that expired and not talking about hunting rifles, we're talking about handguns here. >> well, talking about guns doing a background check. we're not talking about touching the guns. it's the people we worry about, you know the term nra uses guns don't kill people, people kill people, which is exactly why we need to do background checks on
people. to make sure they are not prohibited about the now 40% of the guns are not covered. >> you know, it's not a question of keeping some guns out of everybody's hands. it's a question of keeping all guns out of certain dangerous people's hands and there are people we can demonstrate are dangerous, the original brady law has been effective in keeping guns out of those hands but we couldn't not face the reality, internet, 70,000 guns for sale at this very moment. we need to keep guns out of the people we all agree shouldn't have them. that's all this is about. >> let me ask you before i let you go, sara, about jim. how is the bear doing? >> still the bear, funny, wonderful good sense of humor, good memory. >> mentally alert. we know he's lost his vision.
>> he's lost his vision and can't move very well. he's lost his hips and -- but he is the same old jim. you should see how young he looks. >> we send him our love and to you. and dan gross, for keeping going, the fight continues. thank you both so much. >> thank you, andrea. >> still with us right here on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
that's it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." my colleague ronan farrow has a look at what's next. >> hey, andrea, great show today. >> thanks. >> breaking news today on ronan farrow daily. eric holder has been taken to the hospital. we'll update you on his condition. we've also got new developments in bridge gate. we'll look at the unredacted e-mails from chris christie's aid at the center of the
scandal. and arizona governor jan brewer finally vetoes an anti-gay bill while a federal judge strikes down texas's gay marriage ban. we'll have one of the big voices in the lgbt movement on that. behind the scenes in my interview with miley cyrus. is she a pop star genius or wrecking ball? stay tuned. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪ with limite♪ availability in select markets. they lived. ♪
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